Holiday Range (5 people)


  • People 6
  • Dimensions 2000 x 2000 x 900 mm
  • Weight / Water Capacity: 340 kg / 1440 litres
  • Seat Layout: 5 seats + 1 lounger
  • Total 40 jet
  • Pumps 1 x 3hp
  • Led lighting: ✓
  • Ozone: ✓
  • Insulation: ✓
  • Electrical supply: 13 or 32 amp
  • Heater 2kw or 3kw
  • Inline chemical dosing
  • Quick heating: ✓
  • Quick draining: ✓
  • Tamper-proof: ✓

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The perfect addition to your holiday home business

Designed purely for the holiday let market, these spas offer a basic layout with no breakable or removable components and is simple to use. With a built-in chemical sanitisation system combined with UV/Ozone and a circulation pump to maintain ongoing water quality.
The simple one-touch operation topside controls means this spa is very easy for the customer to use.
There is a further controller hidden within the spa which cannot be tampered with.
To help improve longevity the spa is fitted with a flexible yet robust cabinet to cope with the harsh environment that these spas may be installed in.

holiday pic 01

holiday pic 02



Air/Water multi-jets
The combination of air and water doubles the strength of the jet, for a targeted massage on specific areas of your body.
The jets are positioned around the interior of the spa and vary in size and type, some will be directional, others fixed and some are designed to rotate.
Different seats in the spa have varying jet configurations to provide a range of massage options, including acupressure neck, shoulder, back, and foot jets. 

The types and number of jets will vary from model to model.

Vortex Station Jets - Superior Spas.jpg
Vortex Station

Stimulated the body’s smallest points of energy.

Tuina Station Jets - Superior Spas.jpg
Tuina Station

Direct a vigorous water flow along the meridian lines. Inspired by Chinese massage.

Sequential Shiatsu Station Jets - Superi
Sequential Shiatsu Station

Much like a finger, hand and elbow Shiatsu massage, this station can offer both soft, relaxing flow or a vigorous pulsating massage.

Directional Station Jets - Superior Spas
Directional Station

Relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation: its spiral action provides a vigorous massage.

Foot Massagers Jets - Superior Spas.jpg
Foot Massagers

A large concentration of nerves endings are located in the feet. Enjoy the soothing effects of a foot massage, wherever you choose to sit in your hot tub.

 Superior Spas insulation