Apollon (2 People)


  • Capacity: 2 persons
  • Floor dimensions: 120 x 105 cm
  • Overall dimensions: 120 x 123 x 190 cm
  • Quartz transmitters: 5 transmitters - 1500 W
  • Carbon transmitters: 1 transmitter - 180 W
  • Temperature: 18 to 60°C
  • Accessories: Bench and headrest in spruce wood - 45 cm deep seating
  • Power: 230V - 50Hz
  • Structure: 100% Canadian spruce wood
  • Door: 8 mm thick safety glass
  • Weight: 164 kg
  • Warranty: Electronics 2 years / Wood 4 years


  • Apollon Quartz infrared domestic sauna with capacity for 2 people.
  • Latest Full Spectrum Quartz Technology.
  • Quartz radiator technology that covers the entire spectrum of infrared light.
  • It incorporates 5 Quartz radiators (1500W) and 1 Carbon (180W).
  • It consumes a total of 1680W for every hour of use.
  • It has external measurements of 190 x 123 x 120 cm.
  • Made with 100% Canadian Hemlock spruce wood.
  • 4-year warranty on wood and 2-year on electronic components.

Let yourself be carried away by the cozy warmth of the sauna

The Apollon sauna reinvents itself while keeping all the advantages that have made its success.

The Apollon's infrared transmitters are equipped with the latest Full Spectrum Quartz technology. The advantages are countless: a nearly instant start-up, a wide range of wavelengths that act deep under the skin as well as at the surface. Every session becomes a moment of pure joy. The infrared panels have been positioned for optimum Quartz benefits combined with carbon panels to ensure even warmth throughout the cabin.

Its solid spruce design is enhanced by discreet yet practical equipment. Outside lights, as well as inside, LED chromotherapy complement the atmosphere while FM/USB audio plays your favourite music.

The Apollon is a sure value for anyone wishing to enjoy a quality sauna at the best price.

multiple advantages:

The sauna heats up in just 15 - 25 minutes, an almost instantaneous start-up. We recommend adding this warm-up time at the time of your session. Example: You want to have a 30-minute session, schedule 45 minutes and enter the cabin as soon as the sauna is hot, a wide wavelength that works both in-depth and on the surface of the skin. Every moment becomes unique and pleasant.

The infrared plates are prepared to improve the performance of quartz, combining with perfectly coupled carbon plates to guarantee a uniform temperature inside the sauna. We are talking about an elegant sauna, of reduced measures, so it will not be a problem to insert it in a corner of your house.

Makes it quick and easy to install

Solid wood integrates perfectly, thanks to its aesthetic design, with devices as elegant as they are discreet and highly functional.
The exterior lights and the interior LED chromotherapy provide the environment with ideal lighting, while the FM radio audio device with USB, SD, and AUX inputs plays your favorite music. Disconnect, eliminate toxins, and enjoy all the benefits of an infrared sauna in the comfort of your home. Enjoy the color of wood, with its brown veins and perfect imperfections.

It integrates an MP3 radio and has 2 speakers, so you can relax while listening to your most relaxing music. It incorporates a digital control panel, being possible to use it both inside and outside the sauna. Making it possible to manage all the functions that the sauna incorporates, from the temperature (up to 60º), duration of the session, light, etc. to your liking.

It is not all, you can also enjoy the wonderful chromotherapy treatment system. This therapy consists of combating stress through colors, it even has a natural healing capacity for certain diseases. For more information about the chromotherapy treatment you can access our blog, we have a wide information section.

The most requested properties, such as green to provide tranquility, orange to stimulate, red helps blood circulation, blue strengthens and balances the respiratory tract, as well as up to nine different colors. One of the main characteristics is the glass door, reinforced with 8 mm thickness, together with two elongated windows on its side. From the outside where the lights are located, it makes possible their total frontal lighting, making the elegance and color of the wood visible when we do not have enough natural light.