The high quality two person hot tub that uses less chemical additives, less electricity, is easy to move and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

SpaBerry Hot Tubs

The high-quality two-person hot tub uses less chemical additives, less electricity, easy to move and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

The busy person’s spa with less maintenance, light enough to go anywhere on any surface, deck or patio, and in any weather! By simply plugging into a regular 110V 15 AMP outlet, your NEW SpaBerry is truly portable! If you happen to move you’ll never lose your wellbeing investment again!
SpaBerry’s make sense for today’s consumer demands of a smaller footprint, less chemicals, less water testing, better energy efficiency, Eco friendly and for those that don’t want to share their water with their neighbours & friends, the ultimate, intimate romantic spa!
SpaBerry’s are the coolest looking hot tubs on the planet, offered in amazing designer colours to suit any décor! Once you’re soaking the body pain away in your very own SpaBerry the only thing you’ll wonder is “why didn’t we get this sooner!”

SpaBerry 5

SpaBerry SB4 2 Person Hot Tub

SpaBerry Features

SpaBerry is the innovator when it comes to the construction of 2-person hot tubs that are built tough and built to last. When people asked us to build SpaBerry they didn’t ask for a cheap spa to meet a low price point, they wanted the very best construction built for extreme climates and built to last and that has been our commitment since our inception 15 years ago.

At SpaBerry we never stop improving our product and are very proud to announce that every new SpaBerry is being made to CommercialGrade™ Standards as determined through the Certified PremiumBuilt™ Specifications set by SpaBerry International Manufacturing. If you are truly looking to own the very best 2-Person hot tub on the market we ask you to seriously consider SpaBerry

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BerryTough™ Skeletal Framework 100% Stainless Steel sub-structure - Built to last a lifetime™ - Ensures a lifetime of structural Integrity - Built to be transported 100’s of times - Integrated with the BerryGlide™ Retractable Equipment Cradle - Eliminates wood construction for Enduring Strength and Zero Rot.

BerryFlo™ Plumbing Increased Water Flow for Better Filtration – Quieter Operation – Increased Performance.

BerryFlo™ Pumps Upgraded pump systems to provide 25% more water flow for improved hydro-therapy massage and improved water filtration.

BerryTuff™ Sealed Undercarriage – For Thicker undercarriage for a longer lasting base – Improved Environmental Intrusion Protection – Increased Structural Reinforcement – Engineered to Last

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BerryVac™ Custom Shell Forming Procedures – More Uniform Shell Thickness for SpaBerry Shell Uniformity – Increased Product Longevity – Improved Shell Performance Characteristics

UniBody™ Supreme Construction Advancement – With New Thicker UniBody™ Seamless Construction - Ensuring Shell Durability – Improved Anti-Cracking and Anti-Delamination Characteristics – To Keep the Heat in and the Cold out

BerryGlide™ Plus Elevated for Smoother Retractable Equipment Compartment – Making for Stronger, Faster, Easier DIY Serviceability

BerrySage™ More Aggressive BerrySage™ Nodule Design – For Enhanced Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massage – Anti-Slip Characteristics

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BerryLux™ Shell Construction with Enhanced UV Inhibitors & Stabilizers – Improved Shell Color Consistency and Longevity – Anti-Stress Composition

Certified PremiumBuilt™ Engineered/Designed/Tested to withstand -72C – Built to Work/Built to Last in the most Extreme Climates on the Globe

Commercial LED Lighting Package CommercialGrade™ LED lit Jets (Large), step inserts (SB5/6) for greater illumination, safety and mood enhancement, Larger Master LED Light in the Footwell of your SpaBerry

BerryFlo™ Valve – Ergonomically placed, Variable Speed Master Valve to adjust the Water Volume of all BerryJetz™ at the same time to customize your massage from Gentle to Extreme

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BerryBleed™ Air Purge Fitting – Purges all the air out of the plumbing during fill up minimizing the possibility of air locks for quicker and easier start ups