Make an aquatic escape today by exploring our impressive swim spa range. Platinum Spas are an innovative spa brand, and we pride ourselves on the premium quality of our products.

Platinum Spas have three swim spas for sale in this range: the Eros, Helios, and Zelus models. Each one has its own unique features, so explore the range today and find the perfect swim spa for you and your family.

What is a swim spa?

You may not have heard of it before, so what exactly is a swim spa? They’re a hybrid machine that includes features of hydromassage and a pool. Another key difference is size – swim spas are bigger than most hot tubs in order to accommodate activities such as swimming.

A swim spa has an inbuilt current system that allows a user to swim continuously on the spot. The current is created by a propeller or by standard jet pumps, which push water toward the swimmer. You can set the current to be as powerful as you’d like it to be, depending on your swimming abilities.

Swim spas provide an all-round experience, whether you’re looking to swim, exercise or relax. With their impressive size, they’re a great excuse for inviting more friends over to your house.

Why a swim spa?

We recommend a swim spa for anybody who wants to get more out of their spa experience than just relaxation. Tired of busy local swimming pools? With a swim spa, you’ll have access to your own swimming lane all year round.

You’ll be able to control the current that is pumping through your spa, meaning it can be useful for a range of swimming levels. So, whether you’ve just started to learn how to swim or you’ve been swimming your entire life, a swim spa from Platinum spas can cater to your ability.

Platinum Spas – Swim Spas For Sale

From our range of swim spas for sale, you can choose the best model for you and your family. Take the Eros Swim Spa for example, this spa has a more compact shape than the other spas in the range. This makes it the perfect swim spa for any families with young children who are learning to swim.

If you don’t have any children, then the Helios Swim Spa and Zelus Swim Spa are better options for you. These spas have a separate lounging area, like a traditional spa, at the end of the unit.

The Helios spa includes four seats and one lounger, while the Zelus spa has a great space for three adults (two seats and one lounger). What’s innovative about our swim spas is the dual temperatures feature. The lounging spa area remains hot, while the swimming end is set at a lower temperature that is suitable for swimming.

What activities can you do in a swim spa?

As the name suggests, swim spas are fantastic for swimming, but that’s not the only activity that they are good for:


Their primary design means that swim spas are best suited for swimming. With enough room to stretch out and perfect your strokes plus a custom current setting, you’ll get a lot out of a swim spa if you’re looking to improve your swimming skills.


Swim spas are also great for running. You can take away the effects of gravity on your joints and muscles and enjoy a run at any time of the day. Running in the water is also proven to reduce the risk of injury.


Perfecting your rowing technique can easily be done in a swim spa. This is ideal if your closest rowing location is a drive away. Both amateur and professional rowers will benefit from training in a swim spa.

Strength training

Yes, you heard us correctly. You can enjoy a strength training session in one of our Platinum Spas swim spas. By using hydro-bells, you’ll be able to get stronger in a swim spa limiting the risk of injury to your muscles.


Platinum Spas range of swim spas has dedicated areas for downtime. This makes it easy to switch into relaxation mode straight after a challenging workout. You can enjoy this time by yourself or with friends and family.