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Zen 4 people


  • Traditional steam sauna with a capacity of 4 people in easy assembly kit.
  • Certified Canadian fir wood.
  • Equipped with a high-end Harvia stove, volcanic stones, a bucket and a wooden ladle, a thermometer, and an hourglass.
  • Overall dimensions: 174x198x200 cm
  • Power: 6000 W
  • Height: 200cm
  • Length: 174cm
  • Length: 198 cm
  • Seat depth: 50 cm
  • Wall thickness: 4.5 cm
  • Weight: 232 kg
The range of Zen steam saunas offers all the advantages of the traditional Finnish sauna. Made from Canadian spruce of certified origin, they have the simple but elegant appearance of traditional saunas.
Each Zen steam sauna has its Harvia Vega stove (single-phase or three-phase depending on the model) guaranteed for 2 years, and 20 kg of lava stones to ensure a rapid and efficient rise in temperature
The snap-in panel system makes Zen sauna cabins very easy to assemble.


Share moments of relaxation, well-being and health as a couple in this traditional steam sauna, the ideal size for 3 people, designed so that you can easily mount it in your home.
With a capacity of 3 people, it is made of Canadian spruce wood with properties that make it the ideal material for the construction of saunas: stable at high temperature, robust and aesthetically attractive.
Equipped with its own Harvia Vega stove with a power of 3500W, it incorporates 20 kg of volcanic stones which guarantee a uniform increase in temperature throughout the cabin.
The dimmed interior lighting offers a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere which brings more peace and serenity to the sessions.
The complete equipment of the Zen 3 steam sauna also includes:

  • Traditional wooden bucket and ladle: pour water on the volcanic stones to produce steam.
  • Thermometer: indicates the temperature of the sauna.
  • Traditional hourglass: control the duration of the session.


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