Do the number of jets really matter?

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If you are considering the purchase of a hot tub for your home and you have decided to visit a spa retailer. You walk up to a hot tub and either notice that it has a lot of jets or not very many at all. But what is the truth about jets in a hot tub? The more the merrier? Quality, not quantity?

If you are using jet count to decide which hot tub model might be right for you, then this article is for you. Jet count is not as important as you think! This post will explain the Aguaflo Hot Tubs view and our reasoning behind this.

Number Of Jets

It is very easy to assume that a load of jets means a great hot tubbing experience but this must be one of the most common myths in the hot tub world. Why do you want a hot tub? Massage is probably one of the most common reasons but do you want to be blasted with 30 of the same jet? It is very easy and inexpensive for a manufacturer to add simple jets to a hot tub, they simply drill a few more holes and add some jet bodies. But adding jets to add to the specification of a hot tub doesn't shed any thought for the message that a user could receive. It is, in short, thoughtless and unnecessary.

Take a closer look at the hot tub massage jets

Is there variety in the actual diameter of the jet opening (not the outer diameter of the trim) or are they all the same size?
Do different massage jets provide different types of massage actions (pulsating, rotating, etc.)?
If there are larger hot tub jets or a large number of massage jets, is the hot tub jet pump powerful enough to move water through them properly?

It is important to make sure that a hot tub comes with a jet pump that is powerful enough for the number of jets.

What types of massage jets will target your own soreness?

Hot tub massage jets should be strategically positioned in coordination with hot tub seating to target specific sore areas of the body. After all, when you visit your spa every day, you should expect and get relief where you need it. Where do you store stress in your body? Lower back? tight hip? Your neck? Feet? One of the great reasons to own a spa is to release the tension that accumulates throughout your body. So make sure the jets are placed to give you relief right where you need it.

Choose quality spa jets over quantity

It is not the amount of jets that produce a good massage, it is the right amount of jets but more importantly, a good quality set of jets. In terms of quality, many brands offer unique jets, none more unique and beneficial than the exclusive Aguaflo Hot Tub jets. This jet delivers two powerful jet streams and moves up and down your back to deliver the most amazing massage.

A great hot tub must have a variety of jets to allow a thorough full-body massage. Variety can come with different sized jets, different rotation methods, and potentially differing spray styles. Ensure any hot tub you purchase has a good variety of jets to allow a complete and fulfilling massage.

Some hot tub brands offer a lot of jets, but no jet variety. If you are after a seriously enjoyable hydromassage experience, choose a brand that offers a number of different jet types: big, pulsating jets for larger muscle groups in your back and shoulders; powerful directional jets to loosen up a sore neck or work out tired calf muscles; and a strong jetstream to soothe aching feet.

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